About Me

          Hey all- my name is Jennie. I am the dreamer and inventor of SafeMe Device. The story isn’t what you would expect- nothing horrible happened to me. For years since I started college and into my early 30s my mother would send me and my sister news articles of women who were kidnapped, raped, attacked, or murdered. She had a long list of things we needed to do as well; wear your hair up and in a ball cap and no girly things on/in your car so “weirdos” won’t follow us. She also never liked hearing when we did anything alone; grocery shopping, walking, events, parties, etc. 


          These rules would make for a very small and limited life. I was already aware of my surroundings and vary wary of people in general but I didn’t want to live my life in fear either. One day while I was visiting my parents in 2014 the idea came to me. My mother was reading me yet another news story of a missing girl when I thought to myself- “what product would I need to give peace of mind for my safety and my mother off my back!?” I thought of all the current safety options I knew of out on the market. A lot of them were kept in your pocket/purse or attached to key chains/belt loop and others were too big to even carry unless you had a backpack or large bag. 


          I knew that it would have to be something that you wouldn’t be fumbling for when the moment came to surprise or deter an attacker. The idea of a device that fit, firmly in your hand above the knuckles popped into my mind instantly. I started this on a gut feeling and believed it was actually part of my life’s purpose. For the last 7 long years I have slowly but surely found the people I needed to make this a reality. The crazy thing is that even before my product was available my mother stopped with the scary stories. I never asked her why but maybe knowing that one day there would be a device on the market that would better protect me was enough. 


          I want to thank you for believing in this idea of mine with your purchase. And I hope SafeMe Device helps you and your loved ones feel a little safer out there in this crazy world.

Stay positive friends- sunny side up!

P.S.- Now go take a hike! (Literally- with your handy safety device) 👋