Become a safer you with SafeMe Device

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Become a safer you with SafeMe Device

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Every 68 seconds an American woman is sexually assaulted.

On average, women will avoid certain tasks in their daily routine due to the risk of assault. Grab a SafeMe Device today to feel comfortable where you go


SafeMe Device gives you continued protection wherever you go. With a taser attached to your hand at all times, you can always fight back.

Discrete & Comfortable

Not only will you feel safe and comfortable wearing SafeMe Device but, with this discrete design your attacker won’t know what hit them.

Instant Safety

Danger doesn’t wait for you to be prepared. Instead of digging through your purse SafeMe Device’s glove-like design allows for instant use.

Fits the Average Female Hand

SafeMe Device was designed to fit the average female hand so that you can comfortably hold it. The silicon gives some stretch to fit slightly larger hands as well.

Danger doesn’t wait so let SafeMe Device change your fate
SafeME Device is a superior self-defense tool that is held in the palm of your hands. No longer will you need to fumble for your keychain or dig in your purse for protection.

Run with confidence

Don't let fear stop you from living your life.

Your safety is in your hand now

Keep your loved one’s safe

SafeME Device is a great gift for a daughter, friend or family. Give your loved one the gift of protection and yourself peace of mind.

Don’t Become a Statistic

1 in 6 women are physically assaulted. Don’t become another statistic and fight for your right to feel protected.

Go the distance

With SafeMe Device in your grasp you will no longer be held back from risky environments. Go wherever you want, whenever you want.


Electric Shock Weapons can be used similarly to pepper spray as another type of defense mechanism that allows you to defend yourself from a distance. This defensive tool shoots out prongs that attach to your attackers skin, giving them an electrical shock wave through their body bringing them to their knees. While law enforcement regarding electric shock weapons are nearly universal, there are many states with firm laws on recreational use. Before buying this product please make sure your state allows electric shock weapons.

Massachusetts: Within Massachusetts, a security guard can legally use a taser and/or stun gun. For a citizen to posses a taser and/or stun gun, they must have a valid Massachusetts firearm license.

Illinois: Within Illinois, for a citizen to posses a taser and/or stun gun, they must have a valid FOID (Firearm Owners Identification) Card.